Sally Seltman: We Are The Music

I can’t wait to grab a copy of Sally Seltmann’s new single – ‘We Are The Music’ – released last month. The Sydney-based singer-songwriter deserves much attention with her unique musicality. The new single features her collaborative work with her husband Darren Seltmann (a former member member of Avalanches), and inputs from music artists Aaron Mohr and Jon Lawless.

Sally Seltmann

It’s definitely a great collaboration between the couple that highlights the versatility of Sally’s musical range. ‘We Are The Music’ creates a perfect soundscape for her pretty and soft vocals. The upbeat melody makes it very lively and interesting. The undertones and instrumental backup make it bubbly. After the jump, the anthem is just gorgeous and easy to sing along. It’s easy to get ‘LSS.’ I enjoy listening to her new single while trying the new Skinny shake product a friend recommended to me.

As the lyrics go: “We are, we are the music. Can you feel the stop, in my heart.  We are, we are the music.”

‘We Are The Music’s’ artwork is also mysterious, featuring the original abstract painting of Australian artist Deborah Munday, ‘Night Of The Lunar Eclipse. ’ I was surprised to learn that it was Darren Seltmann who made the artwork for the single. It’s certainly an artistic collaboration between the couple. Not only is her music gorgeous, she is equally gorgeous. I was wondering if Sally had tried to maintain her great body.

‘We Are The Music’ is the first single released under Three Of Hearts, Sally Seltmann’s own indie record label. Three Of Hearts was launched earlier this year. There are a lot to look out for from her record label this 2015.

Sally Seltmann deserves a plunge into the mainstream music industry. I guess she is just too big to be confined in the indie music scene.

Pop Music

She carved a niche as an odd alternative pop music artist under the moniker New Bufallo. Her collaboration with Feist under the international hit “1234” has made her a name in the international scene. She then released two albums under her name, including last year’s Hey Daydreamer. She went on to form a trio with singer-songwriters Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko, known as Seeker Lover Keeper. The supergroup has reaped her accolades and much following. Her well-rounded musicality showcased in ‘We Are The Music’ reflects her diverse experience in the industry.

Sally’s astute attention to details creates great melodies. Her current single is definitely a breakaway from her previous singles ‘Needle In The Hay’ and ‘Billy’.  It’s a must listen.

Lanie Lane Calls It Quits in the Music Scene

You read it right! Lanie Lane, Oz rock n’ roll darling, is retiring from music. Her announcement comes as a surprise for me as I was just enjoying her hit chart single “Ain’t Hungry” the other day. After two successful albums, I still couldn’t believe why an abrupt decision. She is departing indefinitely from the music scene.

music1 (2)

But for those who want to catch a last glimpse of her performances, she still has a handful of upcoming tour dates. You can catch her perform live on various locations.

In her statement, Lane has shared her reasons for retiring this soon. The singer-songwriter stated that the “uprooted-ness of the rock n roll lifestyle” is something she cannot long endure and that she has no ambition to gain attention and fame. Moreover, she said that the constant pressure of performing and producing music is something that she finds unbearable.

The Sydney songstress showed her respect to the many artists who can live the life on the road and further wished continued success to them. Perhaps, the life of being always stressed out has finally hit a raw nerve in her. She just needs to distance from the stress and get back to the life she well knew.

I can remember one time when I felt overburdened by the pressure at work. A close friend asked me to go with her and try the best inflatableSup experience at a local beach. That one-time experience definitely changed my dull life as I was able to vent out emotions. Lanie is at a stage in her life where a lot of things are happening that she feels out of control. Probably, many, if not everyone, has had same experience.

When such a time comes in life, we just want to step back, away from the things that make life stressful and live a simpler, peaceful life. While Lanie will not abandon music for good – she still loves creating, writing and playing music – she just feels stepping back is the best thing for her.


The blues rocker will push through her final touring engagements and bring life to her famous songs from her two albums To The Horses and Night Shade such as Celeste. Her touring commitments include performances at Melbourne, Narooma, Cairns, and Katoomba. There just a few more performances from her but she would still be performing “some select shows in the future – the occasional festival or intimate house/garden concerts for fans.”

Aussieskins Intro

Spread Aussie Music. Spread Love.

aussie music

Australian music is rich and alive. We have got some of the best artists, lyricists, bands and talents. Whether it is pop music or ballad or rnb or indie music, we have got a lot to be proud of.

Aussie musicality is global. Not that I don’t like US or UK or imported music, but I just love to patronage our own music. And I do hope we share the same passion in Aussie music.

Gone were the days when Australian music charts were dominated by American or UK singles. Last year’s end-of-year lists say a lot. There are a pretty good number of local talents that has got a good rank at last year’s biggest sellers and most streamed music. I’m happy that our local talent is appreciated at their hometown. Not only can they compete with the many and varied imported talents, some are even better – just a personal opinion.

Seven out of the top 20 albums in 2014 were actually by local talent. The INXS’s album, The Very Best, spent almost eight weeks at the top spot and sold over 140,000 copies. Local artists also landed 36 spots of the top 100 singles for 2014. That’s double the number since 2013 and is pretty much a good showing. And let’s not forget artists from Oz who made it big in the international hit charts and even multiple Grammys – Kylie Minogue, Keith Urban, Sia, and Iggy Azalea. Musical acts, concerts and performances from local artists are almost always sold out; much like foreign acts that has had a share of the music scene. And it’s not surprising to find great sounds from indie artists.

Australian-Music 2

But this blog isn’t stereotyping music based on the artist’s origins. Great music is great music, no matter what. As they say, music is universal.

Aussieskins will cover anything and everything that you can call music – the best and the not-so-best in the Aussie music scene.

Watch out for the round up of the top charts; stories about your favorite artists, singles and albums for release; oncoming concerts, shows and acts; and reviews of albums, music videos and concerts. We’ll follow your favorite artists and their music. But we do love to discover new music, hopping from one indie artist to another. We won’t settle to what huge production houses have on their drawing board – it’s always great to find surprises.

Let’s spread music, spread love.