Overpowered By Blues Music

It’s year 2015 yet many still prefer to listen to the never dying blues music. Once you hear that sultry guitar and soft voice of the singer, you are comforted or sometimes brought back to a certain period in your life, heartbreak, happiness, or any kind.


There are a lot of genres out there, all of which have one goal and that is to express and share the feeling. Songs can establish a mood or throw you back to a certain experience that you consider special. You can even dedicate it to particular persons that have put meaning in your life.

What’s in blues that cannot be found in other genres? Why is it preferred by many may they be old or young?

Many would say that is far more expressive than the other kind. The moment you hear the voice of the singer, you can feel the sorrow, the sadness, and the melancholic state he or she is in. It relates to certain humane feelings, and that’s what makes it so unique.

Not all musicians and artists can write, sing, and perform the blues. It takes one talented artists to be able to put an emotional song and let others relate to it by singing or playing. How you capture an audience is the major goal of a great blues song. It is all about feelings so deep that sometimes it can be considered tragic. Not all melodies are sad. Some are written to symbolize a happy feeling accompanied by a jive beat.

Before, the songs written in this genre were branded as “songs for old people.” As music grows and improves, the young generation is joining in as well. A number of modern artists are also rising up to the popularity ranks because of blues music. With major tweaks using high-tech audio editing, the songs have evolved compared to how it sounded in the past.


Musicians like Claude Hay and Karise Eden are one of the many numbers of Australian blues artists who have risen to fame. An annual Blues Festival is held in Goulburn every 2nd week of February. Different songs are played, and the event is graced by the presence of various popular artists from the past to the present.

This genre will go on forever. It will continuously inspire more artists and touch souls of many human beings. No matter what type of state a person is, blues songs are the perfect companion anytime of the day.